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Chipotle National Manager’s Meeting

Sustainable Learning

Chipotle wanted to create a sustainable tradition and kick it off with an inside look at their company.

TBA Global produced Chipotle’s first national meeting of restaurant GMs.  The meeting’s theme, “Look Inside,” showed how important the development of its GMs is to the success of Chipotle.  We worked the theme through the overall flow of the meeting, created presentation scripts, and augmented content with images, videos, and signage that reinforced the message.We also provided an online registration module for the 900 attendees, and coordinated air travel, transportation, and hotels.  The program fulfilled Chipotle’s commitment to sustainability: We set up water coolers along with reusable containers to eliminate plastic disposables; used recycling stations, recycled paper for all printouts, and recyclable signage to promote conservation; and coordinated with the hotel to send the event’s food scraps to local farms to feed livestock and create compost.