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Send us a referral, build a relationship and earn some cash with the TBA LINX program.


TBA LINX partnerships are designed to drive revenue and additional value by providing services to our Partners that fall outside the scope of their day-to-day business. As a LINX Partner, you will have access to all of our services, allowing you to pass along those benefits to your clients. Some of our services include event production capabilities, digital media development, meeting planning expertise and logistical coordination. The objective of LINX is to leverage industry relationships and potential partner’s client bases through registration into the TBA LINX program. In turn, this will generate positive brand awareness, further develop our core competencies and ultimately drive leads, sales and additional revenue streams across all TBA disciplines and solutions. TBA Global has an extensive solution portfolio across multiple disciplines that can help support our Partners and their businesses, and bring more value to their client relationships. Our process starts by engaging our peers, educating them on our core competencies and proven industry practices, and encouraging them to confidently recommend TBA for non-conflict of interest opportunities. These recommendations should emphasize the fields of production, meeting services, digital strategy, and learning and performance.

How It Works

TBA LINX Partners will register online via the TBA Global website. Options for our LINX Partners are as follows:

  • Individual Registrant

    Once enrolled as a Partner, an individual can submit leads, track their status and earn monetary compensation for qualifying referrals.

  • Company Registrant

    Once enrolled as a Partner, a company contact can submit leads on behalf of their organization, track their status and earn monetary compensation for the company through qualifying referrals.

  • LINX Platinum

    Once enrolled as a Platinum Partner, a company or individual will work with TBA Global on a more in depth level, including, but not limited to: Program partnership, white labeled products, synergistic opportunities and outsourcing.

Once the Partner is registered, leads will be submitted through the LINX portal on the TBA Global website. When the lead is received, the LINX program administrator will follow up directly with the Partner to have an in depth discussion regarding the specific lead. LINX Partners will be compensated for the lead as listed in the Referral Payout Structure.

Payout Structure Level One Level Two Level Three Level Four Level Five Level Six
Payment Amount $250 $500 $1,000 $2,500 $5,000 $10,000
Lead that results in a decision-maker meeting. Meeting must commence within 45 days of lead. Lead generates a meeting that leads to an RFP. RFP must be received within six months of initial meeting. Closed deal with referred client ranging between $100K–$250K. Closed deal with referred client ranging between $250K–$500K. Closed deal with referred client ranging between $500K–$1 million. Closed deal with referred client over $1 million.